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Before you view

The videos listed in the Posts under this menu are divided into two categories.

Those which are publicly available, and can be opened without a password, are almost entirely of scenic views.

Those which are ‘Password Protected’ are private to to members of the Walking Club and can only be opened with a password obtainable from the Walking Club Leader.

If you click on the bottom of the video you will find a menu with options for viewing. You can either view the videos from within the site or on ‘YouTube’ where they are stored. The standard video on site is quite small, but the quality is good. The standard video in ‘YouTube’ is slightly larger and may suit your device better. You can view them full screen and they may look fine on a laptop or tablet. On a large screen computer, the poorer quality will be more obvious. This arises because (a) photos are taken on iPhones, iPads, Instant Cameras as well as those at the top end of the market; and (b) because they have been uploaded at a medium resolution to ensure that they both upload and view fairly quickly.

In return for playing copyright music, we have to accept adverts. This seems an excellent arrangement. If you don’t want to view the adverts click on the X in top right-hand corner of the advert box.

If at any point in the website you see a public picture  with which you are unhappy, let me know: it can be changed very easily.

Finally, these are our photos for our enjoyment. We’re not looking for an Oscar!