The West End Christian Walking Club

The West End Christian Walking Club (WECWC) welcomes everyone who likes to be out on the hills in good company. Although the Club is situated in the West End of Glasgow, members come from across the city and beyond. Most, but not all, attend a variety of churches of all denominations. Our motto ‘Out on the hills with God’ underlines our financial and pastoral care for each other on the hills.  You do not need to be particularly fit and agile, but you do need to be prepared for anything. Everyone is welcome to join us but does so at his or her own risk.

WECWC cannot accept any responsibility for any accident or mishap to the group or to any individual within the group.

Walking Club Co-ordinator: Andrew Templeton

The photographs were taken by Ken Fisher, Richard Graham, Justin van der Hooft, Antoinette Seymour, Andrew Templeton, and Glenda White. Very many thanks to them all.

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The West End Christian Walking Club