Picturesque Pitlochry


This is a lovely varied walk taking in a loch, several rivers, a golf course, a forest track under the hills, winding paths, The Soldier’s Leap at the NT Visitors’ Centre at Killiecrankie, an interesting train journey and a picturesque town! All the paths are good and most of the sign-posting is very clear.

You can either drive to Pitlochry or use the train. The most convenient trains are the 10.01 from Glasgow (Queen Street) to Pitlochry and the 19.06 return

Pitlochry, Perth and Kinross PH16, UK

Begin your walk from the platform you arrive on, walking to the far end of platform and down left on to a track which joins the metalled road (Armoury Road) leading down to the dam and the Salmon Ladder.). You can walk down to the dam to see the river and Ladder and pick up the path on the right going along, but slightly above, Loch Faskally. However, if you’ve done these before, locals have created a short cut from a layby on the right which is slightly easier, quicker and just as pleasant. It soon joins the path along the loch. This is a beautiful stretch.

All too soon, this winding path is blocked by The Green Hotel, and comes up to the road. Go straight across the road (the A924) and immediately turn left and then right over the railway. Use a metalled road to climb a little, past individual houses on either side. At the top, a path is sign-posted to the left going right behind the last house and then through a gate and on to a golf course. Cross to the sign-post in the middle of the gold course, as directed, and then turn right and then left following several Public Rights of Way, usually sign-posted ‘To Craigower’, and always climbing gently, to the house with the red roof (Upper Drumchorry). All this is to avoid the usual (advertised) route which takes a road out of Pitlochry and isn’t so attractive.

At Upper Drumchorry, the path goes left below (south of) the cottage on the and eventually comes out on The Old North Road (with Little Blue Men!). Turn left towards Killiecrankie on a wide, easy LRT which is nearly all downhill. (An optional path to Craigower, which climbs steeply to the viewpoint, goes off to the right.) Further on, at a junction, with a track coming in from the left, go straight on: the sign is hidden on the right in some undergrowth. There are wonderful views where the trees are clear along this road.

The only awkward bit is getting down off this track, but it is very clearly signposted. Turn steeply downhill on the left, under the A9 towering above you, and emerge on the B8079. Here turn right and there is under a mile of pavement walking to bring you to the Visitors’ Centre. There are toilets here, and a small Visitors’ Centre, but the café has closed.

To continue the walk, go along the decking outside the Visitors’ Centre, and follow the wooden steps steeply down towards the River Garry. There is a short path to the right which leads to The Soldier’s Leap, but is also worth taking for the view of railway line! Returning to the main path go right down to the River and follow it (and Little Green Men!) all the way back to Faskally Woods. It is easy to get lost here you should turn right and then left to follow either the Little Green Men or the white posts to the Clunie Footbridge. Don’t cross the river here, but go up the road to The Green Hotel and take the A924 back into Pitlochry.

If you don’t want to do the whole walk, there are ample walks in Pitlochry, all sign-posted with Little Men of varying colours! There’s a leaflet available from the Tourist Centre and many shops.


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