Walking at lambing time

It is probably best NOT to walk at lambing time but occasionally you might  unexpectedly come across the sweetest little bundles of wool with pink ears and knobbly legs you’ll ever encounter!! From April to early June some ewes may even be in lamb.  Despite their appeal, however, they are other people’s livelihood.

PLEASE do not go near the lambs, for example to take photographs. Never touch them – you will leave human scent on them and the ewe will abandon them. Don’t come between the ewe and her lamb for the same reason – the wind will carry your scent on to the lamb. Don’t stop to watch for too long – the wind is blowing! Leave the shepherd and the ewe to sort out any apparent problems, for example being stuck on wire or in apparently dangerous places.  You can only make matters worse and, surprisingly enough, shepherds are quite good with sheep! It is very unlikely that a lamb is dead – and if so, the shepherd will pick it up.  Don’t speak to the ewe – even to mimic a baaing sound – unknown human voices are distressing.  Please give ewes and lambs time to get ahead and off the track before coming close.  Always wait for the lamb to find it’s mother – if the lamb doesn’t follow immediately, the ewe will come back for it.  And please close gates if the next group is some distance behind. Each group will have to open and close the gates for themselves.  And don’t have lamb chops for lunch!!!

We are very grateful to all those who make their living in the countryside. Whatever the law says, we shouldn’t abuse their good will.


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