Callander to Kilmahog Circular

Park wherever you can find a space in Callander.

The Walk: you may find it helpful to purchase a copy of the map of the excellent way-marked paths around Callander from the Tourist Information Centre or downloaded from the website. The ‘coloured dots’ in the notes below refer to this map.


Begin by walking along the Main Street towards Stirling etc. and continuing past the junction for the road up to the Bracklinn Falls on the left and the Roman Camp Hotel on the right. A little further on a sign post directs you down a narrow path (blue dots on the map) which soon opens out, undulates along a low ridge and then makes down to the river. The stretch along the river is lovely. Continue along the very good path, past an information board and platform for fishermen, to where the path is forced inland up a set of steps, across a field and on to the main road at a bus stop. There are pedestrian traffic lights to allow you to continue up a track on to the old railway line. At the junction, you turn right (white markers on the map).

It is possible to opt out here by turning left and walking back along the railway line to Callander.

Turn right here and walk to the last in a row of houses on the right. Here there is a clear path on the left which leads up to the woods and saves a trek to the next corner and turning back. Cross an old wall and join a good path that continues northward, crosses another old wall and joins the golf course. We’re asked to skirt around the Greens. At Green 14 the path is indistinct but keep going and it soon re-emerges through some trees. Keep on the path, around the Greens, sometimes through attractive clumps of trees.

At Green 7, where you’re asked to wait until the bell has been rung, there is a lovely path going off to the right in the direction you’re coming from, i.e. on the right hand side of the path across from the bench and the notice. Follow this as it climbs gently and eventually emerges on the Bracklinn Falls Road where you turn left.

It is possible to opt out here by continuing down the road to the Main Road and turning right into Callander.

Continue down the road (White dots on a yellow road.) At the blue Parking sign, turn right and at the gate take the lower red-and-brown dotted route through the forest. At a viewpoint, a post with a red marker goes up hill, but you go left downhill. There are some very slippery boards here! Avoid! This path comes down to Tulipan Crescent.

It is possible to opt out here by turning left, going through the car park at the back of the Dreadnought Hotel and into the Main Road.

However, you turn right in Tulipan Crescent and go down to cross the main road (A84) and pick up the railway going in the opposite direction (red dots). Follow this old track all the way to Kilmahog where you cross the A821 but take the path immediately on the left rather than continuing to Strathyre. Follow this up to a second car park but continue on through a gate on to an excellent Woodlands Trust path above the road but well below Samson’s Stone. It comes down to the A821, crosses it and makes for the River Leny at Invertrossachs Bridge. Once across, turn left to the car-park at Coilhallon Woods. Here you have a choice:

You can turn left here on the lower path, (along a white un-dotted route) and wander along a lovely path, round a lochan and into Callander Holiday Park. Wander through the site (even in winter) to the gate at the end and down on to the Invertrossachs Road.  The road comes out at a little roundabout where the A81 goes left and up the hill to Callander. It’s much prettier and just about the same distance to turn right and go up the road to just before McLaren High School and Leisure Centre. Turn left and go down to a park, zig-jag on through the park to the pedestrian bridge across the River Leny and then on to the other side and up to the main road.

Alternatively, the main route takes the second track on the left and climbs a little up through the woods with excellent views across the hills. At a sign-posted junction  turn left and come down to a gap in the wall and the A81. Cross and follow the route above.

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