Seeing the woods from the trees

This six or ten mile walk starts and ends at the car park in New Lanark.

The route goes south, passing the power station to the Falls of Clyde which may be quiet in the sunshine.  Crossing the weir the path leads northwards along the other side of the Clyde to Kirkfieldbank.

Crossing the Clyde again, you can either stay with the Clyde and go back to the cars (and a cup of tea) or take the route which meanders across Mousemill Bridge to reach the A73. Careful crossing of this busy road leads to a beautiful path up Cartland Glen, past Woodend to the Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve.  Here the route turns South over some open land to the edge of Lanark.  A short distance of town roads leads steeply down to the Clyde for the return walk along the river and back to the car park.

Getting there: 34 miles/40 minutes
Take the M74 going south and leave at exit 7 marked New Lanark 12 miles on the A72. After a twisting journey you will arrive in Lanark noting the join with the A73. Proceed up the main street past the short dual carriageway section and at the traffic lights take the right hand fork signed New Lanark. Pass the railway station and at the roundabout go right (A73) towards New Lanark. Continue down the road past the Old Lanark Grammar School and then turn sharp left into Braxfield Road and follow the New Lanark signs until a mini-roundabout, then turn left (signed Parking). Continue ahead past the “Welcome to New Lanark” sign (at the entrance to the visitor parking area) and park. Walk down to the New Lanark Mill Hotel.

The Walk: New Lanark Loop – 10 miles (Route can be shortened if required*)
The walk starts from the New Lanark Mill Hotel and follows a clearly way-marked path past the Falls of Clyde to the dam at Bonnington Linn. Crossing the dam turn right marked ‘Kirkfieldbank 3 miles’. Proceed down a good path and note a more picturesque narrow path on the right paralleling the more major track. Pass Corra Castle and continue on until the outlying house of Kirkfieldbank appears. Lunch beside the river. The path ends in a T-junction so turn right down the hill towards the river. Arrive at the old bridge (now pedestrian), cross the bridge and note the signs to the Clyde walkway. *There is the option to take the Clyde Walkway back to New Lanark for a total walk of just over six miles.

Hardy walkers will bear left up to the main road (A72), straight across to Mousehill Road and over Mousehill Bridge eventually climbing up to the right to arrive at Cartland Bridge on the A73. Directly across the road a path climbs steadily up the Cartland Crags. The path continues on and eventually descends to a bridge across the river at Woodend. *It is possible to shorten the walk by a couple of miles by crossing the river and returning down through Lanark to the main street (A73). Look for the Bank of Scotland on the far side of the road and follow the instructionsø in the next paragraph.

At Woodend, the even more hardy walker will descend towards the river but do not cross the bridge because there is a stile leading into a field where a path crosses the sloping terrain until the river bank is regained. Now a beautiful path runs beside the river, over a strong wooden bridge and curves right beside the river eventually arriving at the final bridge. Crossing the bridge we turn right (not straight ahead up stairs). A straight grassy path between fences leads us to civilisation and tarmac roads. At the T-junction turn left and then, after 50m turn right onto a quiet road which leads directly into Lanark, terminating on the main street (A73) with the Bank of Scotland directly across the road. øNow turn right on the A73 and after 50m turn left down Friars Lane. Strangely there are no signs to New Lanark. Go straight down the lane and enter Castlebank Park through its pillared entrance. Bear right in the park downhill towards Castlebank House. Walk to the left and find the notice to the Dell path which winds down towards the river. On meeting the Clyde Walkway turn left and follow this back towards the New Lanark Mill Hotel. The route parallels Rosedale Street before joining it just past the Youth Hostel (the New Lanark Mill Hotel is down on the right). Turn right into Rosedale Street and at the junction with the New Lanark Road turn left and after a short distance take the rising path back to the parking area.

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