Saturday, 13 May 2023: Major-General William Roy

This month we start in Crossford in South Lanarkshire and pick up the Clyde Walkway to follow the river northwards. Admire the beauty of the river and the surrounding architecture. Wildlife is abundant.

At Milton-Lockhart Estate the Clyde Walkway deviates inland to avoid the main house. There has been an estate here since the 14th century. In 1828 William Lockhart demolished the existing house. Sir Walter Scott gave him advice as to the best location for the new house. It was built in the Scottish Baronial Style as was the bridge which provides the main visitor entrance to the estate. In 1989 the house was purchased and moved to Japan! A new house has subsequently been built but the old bridge remains. The eagle-eyed will notice this on the way down to Crossford.

On reaching the main (rear) drive to the estate we
turn right to exit the estate and walk on quiet
country lanes towards Carluke. Stopping to view the
monument to General Roy we continue through the
wooded area of Jock’s Gill before picking up country
lanes for the return trip. The final part of the route
takes a small track (that passes a possible hill fort)
before re-emerging on the Clyde Walkway.

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