West Kilbride to Fairlie

Given that our Southsider friends have had some distance to travel lately, this walk gives them a break! It is also possible to use the train – indeed we all use the train to get to West Kilbride from Fairlie. It’s a very long time (October 2010) since we hiked to Portencross and we have never continued to Fairlie. From West Kilbride we stroll down through Kirktonhall Glen, emerging at Seamill. From then on it’s completely flat  along the coast, through Portencross and along the coast to Goldenberry. All this stretch gives glorious (hopefully) views of the Clyde coast and islands, with history supplied at the Castle (King Robert II was a frequent visitor). Hunterston A Power Station is now decommissioned and provides feeding grounds for waders. Hunterston B still supplies 25% of Scotland’s electricity. Our walk ends finishes through an area of woodland before arriving at small waterside picnic area at Burnfoot and the waiting cars. About 8 downhill or flat miles!

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