Intending to join us?

Getting the Walk Information
If you have agreed to allow your name to be included in the Email Group, you will receive detailed information each month via email.  If you don’t receive emails, or have lost the one for a particular month, just check the details on this website and sign up for the current walk using the link below.  The link is active for up to 14 days before the walk, closing at midnight on the Thursday before the walk.

Lifts from Glasgow
To ensure the smooth running of our walks we very much rely on the goodwill of those members who have cars and are able to provide transport.  There are occasions, however, when transport is limited so if you would like a lift from Glasgow please ensure you sign up for the walk as soon as possible.  Seats will be allocated based on date/time of registration.  Unfortunately, if you turn up on the day without first registering you may be disappointed!

Signing Up for the Walk
It would assist us in the overall planning if everyone who intends to join us for the walk indicates this fact by using the link below.  This is for everyone – whether you intend to join us at the Glasgow Meeting Point or at the Starting Point for the walk.  This is the link:

You will be asked to indicate:
• whether you require transport from the usual Glasgow Meeting Point
• whether you can provide transport from the Glasgow Meeting Point
• whether you will be joining us at the Starting Point for the Walk
• whether you intend to stay for the meal

When you submit your answers you will get an acknowledgement “Your response has been recorded”.  If you do not get this please check that the compulsory questions have been answered!

The After-Walk Meal
If you make a last minute decision to join us at the Starting Point you will, of course, be most welcome.  Please note, however, that the option to join us for a meal after the walk may not be available – this will depend on the arrangements that have been put in place with the pub or restaurant.  However, every effort will be made to accommodate you.

Unable to Attend after Registering for the Walk?
If you have registered for the walk but are unable to make it on the day (e.g. you are ill) please don’t worry about letting someone know – unless you have offered transport!  It will be assumed that you have decided not to join us if you are not at the Glasgow Meeting Point or the Starting Point for the Walk by the appointed times.

We will endeavour to contact you on the Friday before the walk if your request for a lift has been unsuccessful, although this may not always be possible.  However, you may wish to come down to the Glasgow Meeting Point (Cresswell Street by the old Baptist Church) on the off-chance that someone has pulled out at the last minute.  Naturally, we will be disappointed if we are unable to accommodate you – but there is always another month!

The West End Christian Walking Club