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Saturday 11th January, 2020: Linhouse and Murieston Water

This walk starts at Livingston South Station. From here we wander down the Murieston Water to Campbridge Pond, returning on the other side and taking a large arc towards Linhouse Glen Nature Reserve.

The walk through the Glen is optional since we meet up further on to wander up into Calderwood (where we have briefly been before). Here we find the Murieston Water again, traversing both sides (but not simultaneously!) taking advantage of our much-loved little wooden bridges. We continue with the path back to Williamston Bridge and thence on to the station.

The walk is flat and about 7.5 miles.

Saturday, 13 April 2019: Seeing the Wood from the Trees

This 10 mile walk starts and ends at the car park in New Lanark.

The route goes south, passing the power station to the Falls of Clyde which may be quiet in the sunshine.  Crossing the weir the path leads northwards along the other side of the Clyde to Kirkfieldbank.

Crossing the Clyde again and then the A72 the route meanders across Mousemill Bridge to reach the A73. Careful crossing of this busy road leads to a beautiful path up Cartland Glen, past Woodend to the Clyde Valley Woodlands National Nature Reserve.  Here the route turns South over some open land to the edge of Lanark.  A short distance of town roads leads steeply down to the Clyde for the return walk along the river and back to the car park.